Jianing Gou is a PhD candidate from Chinese academy of sciences who focuses on machine learning and digital signal processing in geophysics and geodesy now. His research is directed toward understanding the structure of the Earth’s deep interior, Geodynamics, and interpretation of Geodetic data anomaly during seismic or other geophysics events.

He has strong knowledge of C/C++, Python, Java, shell and matlab programming. With these skills, he created quite a few widely used applications and packages in geodesy and geophysics.

He is also a big fan of open-source who interested in algorithms design and computer science technology applied in geoscience.

Download my full CV here.

  • Time series analysis
  • Digital signal processing
  • Parallel computing
  • Algorithm design and software development in geodesy and geophysics
  • Deep Learning
  • Master. in Geophysics, 2022

    Institute of Seismology, CEA. Wuhan, China

  • P10 Program. Communication Technology and Application, 2020

    Chinese Academy of Sciences. Beijing, China

  • BSc in Applied Geophysics and English(Second Major), 2019

    Chengdu University of Technology. Chengdu, China